A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

About Mini Tanks

Mini Tanks is the ultimate 2D tank-fighting experience.
Upgrade your tank, destroy AIs, work with friends -or destroy them as well. The tanks are fully upgradeable with 5 levels which increase your tank's size. You can increase the damage, max health, reload speeds, health regeneration, movement speed and defense systems are implemented which can be upgraded. We recommend that you install Mini Tanks via the Itch app to ensure that you always have the latest version.

 - Latest Version: v1.0.1

See what is happening

To see what features we are currently working on check out our Mini Tanks Project Page on Github: Mini Tanks Project Page

For More Information

If you need to know more about Mini Tanks or Big Stack of Hay, be shore to check out the links under the 'more information' section below.

Please Note this game has not been tested on apple platforms

Install instructions

For Linux:

1. Locate the executable
2. Open a terminal and cd to the directory of the executable
3. run the following command: chmod +x "Mini Tanks"
4. run the following command: sudo apt-get install libgconf-2-4
5. double click the executable

For .zip Files

Extract your zip file to your designated directory. To play you must run MiniTanks.exe.

For Windows Installer

Run the installer then run Mini Tanks from your start menu / desktop, or run MiniTanks.exe from the installed location.

For Portable apps (PAF format)

Install Mini Tanks to your device by running the portable apps installer.


MiniTanks-win32-ia32-1.0.1.zip 58 MB
MiniTanks-darwin-x64-1.0.1.zip 138 MB
MiniTanks-linux-x64-1.0.1.zip 64 MB
MiniTanksPortable_1.0.1_Release_1_English.paf.exe 40 MB

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