Explore the traps of Egypt's most known landmarks through Big Stack of Hay's Simulation: Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Raider!

What's Pyramid Raider?

Pyramid Raider is a game of adventure through the passages of randomized pyramids whilst exploring some of the most amazing riches of Egypt's ancient history. You will explore the traps of the pyramids and what the buried pharaohs would be buried with in their tomb.

The Story

You are an archaeologist exploring a pyramid of egypt to report to the world
Use the left stick on the controller to explore the rooms of this pyramid. But don't get caught in the traps...

The Greatest Features!

Pyramid Raider is compatible with game controllers:

  • Any button to start
  • Left axes to move

Warning: Only an X-Box has been tested through a cable.

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Install instructions

Run Raider'.exe to raid the pyramids of Egypt Now!

How To Play


  • Use WASD to move
  • Click 'Start' button to start


  • Use the first joystick on your controller to move.
  • Click any button on the controller to start

Avoid All Traps!


Pyramid Raider Windows 40 MB
Pyramid Raider Linux 47 MB

Development log

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